PWN Facts vs. Cal Am Fiction

Claim: Measure J is not just a feasibility study

Facts: True, Measure J authorizes the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District   (MPWMD) to buy out Cal Am, but only if is found to be financially feasible and in the public interest. MPWMD is NOT authorized to move forward with a buyout if the cost is prohibitive. What part of “IF IT IS FOUND TO BE FINANCIALLY FEASIBLE” does Cal Am not understand?
The Measure J feasibility study will determine if we can afford to buy Cal Am.
If the price is too high there would be no buyout. The process would stop right there. There is no blank check. MPWMD will hold public hearings soon after the initiative passes to define “feasible” and then hire expert consultants to do the study. MPWMD is answerable to us. Cal Am is not.
The feasibility study would be paid for by MPWMD out of their reserves.
Measure J is the only way the Peninsula can get control of its water costs. The feasibility study it requires will give us the facts and show us if we can lower costs under public ownership.

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