Coastal Commission Hearing on Cal Am’s Desal
Thursday, November 17
(Site to be determined)

For the third time in the past three years, Cal Am is bringing its expensive and unnecessary desal project back to the Coastal Commission in hopes of getting a permit to build it.

Opposing this is urgent. If Cal Am were allowed to build it, we would all pay dearly. It would double the cost of the average water bill, and it would double the cost to buyout Cal Am. It won’t make the buyout infeasible, just much more expensive.

Cal Am’s Big Lie

Cal Am is using the drought and the need for new housing to scare people into supporting its desal. Most don’t know the facts, so it’s easy to fool them with a lie. The truth is the Pure Water Monterey Expansion will give us all the water we need for new housing for decades, drought or no drought. The Expansion is currently before the CPUC and should receive approval shortly. Then it will take about 24 months to complete. At that point we will have all the water we need for many years to come.

We need to defeat this expensive, oversized boondoggle of a project, and we only have 8 weeks to do it. Will you help?

Actions you can take:

• Donate to PWN; we need your financial support to fight this
• Write letters to the editor
• Post on Nextdoor and Social Media to educate your neighbors
• Follow PWN on Facebook and share the posts
• Hand out flyers
• Help make signs
• Send an email to the Coastal Commission
• Attend the Commission hearing in November (virtual or in person)

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