All Volunteer Meeting - Bring a Friend

George Riley, Director, Public Water Now

First, a big thank you to all our volunteers. GREAT WORK! You are our strength.
Progress is good. PWN volunteers have collected over 3200 signatures in our campaign to put a new Measure O on the 2018 ballot.

However, we have less than three months left to collect the remaining 3000 plus signatures. The deadline is April 1st, no fooling. Until then we need to concentrate all our volunteer energy on collecting signatures. These next couple of months are critical to our success!

Do you have new signature gathering ideas? 
Do you belong to an organization who would like a PWN speaker to address their group? Want to hold a house party for friends and neighbors with a PWN speaker? Can you donate to the PWN Media fund to get our message out to the community?

We have a BIG surprise to share with you Tuesday night! 
Come and find out what Public Water Now has been up to over the holiday to supercharge the campaign!

Susan Schiavone Chris Mack Myrleen Fisher Wes White Tobi Ludwig Melodie Chrislock Ed Waggoner Robert Coble Judy Karas Lila Seldin Jeanne Turner

Will you come?