The Pure Water Monterey Project

Paul Sciuto, Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency

The Public Utilities Commission recently approved the Pure Water Monterey project that will treat and deliver recycled water to Cal Am for delivery to our water supply. This project has a long history of support by many state agencies, but this is the first local project that has gotten state approval.  It is the key project in getting some relief from the Cease and Desist order which requires reduced pumping on the Carmel River.

It combines advanced treatment of sewer wastewater, agricultural wash water from lettuce processing plants, and some agricultural runoff.  The chemicals in these waters need advance treatment before the state will approve this recycled water for human consumption.  Several permits are still required, but it is on the verge of full approval.

Come hear the status of the project and the steps still needed to complete it. Get the facts, ask your questions. This won’t be a technical discussion, it will be in layman's terms and will respond to the many questions our community has about the project.

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