Can Pure Water Monterey Recycled Water Replace Cal Am’s Desal?

Paul Sciuto, General Manager, Monterey One Water
Jonas Minton, Planning and Conservation League

If Cal Am fails, is there a ‘Plan B’? Many have speculated that Cal Am's desal will be delayed with litigation. Cal Am does not have a back up plan for a new water supply if their proposed desal project fails. Monterey One Water does!

This forum will provide an overview of the Pure Water Monterey Project. This groundwater replenishment project will create a new, sustainable water source for the Peninsula, diversifying and strengthening the region’s water supply. The project is already scheduled to produce 3,500 acre feet of purified recycled water annually for injection into the Seaside Groundwater Basin,

Also discussed will be the important Phase 3 option developed by Monterey One Water to expand the project using an additional 2200 acre feet of reclaimed water. Many agencies and organizations have supported this option, including PWN. Cal Am has not. 

Could this option replace the need for Cal Am’s desal project?

Pure Water Monterey is a major part of the solution to our water problems. Find out how this recycled water is produced and how will it be used to meet our current water needs.

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