Why Do a Feasibility Study Before a Cal Am Buyout?

Richard Hajas, Former General Manager Casitas Municipal Water District

Public Ownership, “if feasible”.....what does this mean? How is it determined?

Richard Hajas served over 30 years as General Manager of public water systems, 15 years with Casitas Municipal Water District.  He prepared the feasibility report to acquire the Golden State corporate-owned water system for the Ojai-Casitas Municipal Water District public buyout effort which is currently underway.

PWN's plan for a new 'Measure H20' requires the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District to do a feasibility study before a public buy out can proceed. This is a legally required step toward community ownership. Before the WMD can act, it needs a full picture of the parameters of ownership, including acquisition and financing estimates, transition plans, management requirements, and procedural recommendations. All of this is considered under the 'if feasible' requirement.   

What can we learn from Ojai's experience? What were the challenges?

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