Salinas Valley Water Issues

Nancy Isakson, Salinas Valley Water Coalition Director

Nancy is a land use, environmental and government affairs consultant, and works with many Salinas Valley water interests. She is President of the SVWC, which is a CPUC intervenor on the Cal Am portfolio of water supply sources for the Peninsula. She is a longtime watchdog of the Monterey County Water Resources Agency.

Salinas Valley is the center of extensive planning and controversy regarding the future availability and use of groundwater and surface water, including the best use and management of those resources.  New state law (Sustainable Ground Water Act -- SGMA) requires commitment to a basin that is sustainable. As we heard in September, various interest groups are currently working through a process on how to proceed.

How are these issues related: agricultural and urban use of Salinas River groundwater, seawater intrusion, reclaimed water for irrigation and potable use,  excess winter flows, limited water rights for surface water, Interlake tunnel, flows for fish and wildlife, releases from Nacimiento and San Antonio Dams, rights and options under permit 11043? What are the interests of the various agencies involved? What options are on the table?

The Monterey Peninsula may be interested in sharing some of the Salinas River resources, but the Salinas Valley is not. Salinas Valley interests have been at this for decades, and more still needs to be done.

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