Marina vs. Cal Am... How the Outcome Will Impact YOUR Cal Am Bill

Bruce Delgado, Kathy Biala and Tom Moore

If you thought Cal Am’s proposed desal project would take water from the ocean, you may be surprised. Instead Cal Am plans to draw brackish water from Marina’s groundwater. Marina has a big problem with this. They claim Cal Am’s desal feeder wells will damage their groundwater and produce further seawater intrusion. Marina’s claim is backed by science from Stanford University.

Cal Am has no water rights to Marina’s groundwater. Marina will not likely be bullied into submission on this issue. Litigation looks inevitable. This is a David and Goliath battle. The threat to Marina’s water supply and its future are serious. What are they supposed to do?

But here’s why you should care if you are a Cal Am customer on the Peninsula. You are already paying for the most expensive water in the country. Desal water is expensive to begin with, but Cal Am’s scheme to pump water from Marina’s groundwater will lead to extreme costs, far beyond typical desal water costs. Litigation will likely cause further delays and once again Cal Am customers on the Peninsula will face the ongoing problem of no new water supply.

Get the whole story from presenters Bruce Delgado, Mayor of Marina, Kathy Biala, Just Water (Marina citizens advocacy group for water justice) and Tom Moore, President, Marina Coast Water District Board of Directors. 

Cal Am is spending millions of YOUR dollars on this desalination project. Know what you are paying for. Join us to hear what the future consequences for all of us will be.

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