PWN Protest Rally

The True Cost of Condemnation...
According to Joe Connor

Who is this guy? He is the head of the American Water legal team that fought the Missoula eminent domain action and LOST. Missoula took back their water system. Missoula’s lawyers won, Connor’s team lost. Missoula told their story to PWN at the June 5th forum. If you weren’t there, it’s on YouTube at 

Now the Coalition of Peninsula Businesses is hosting Connor to talk about all the costs and problems we would face in an eminent domain takeover of Cal Am. 

We want to make sure the business community knows both sides of the story and who actually won in Missoula, so we are going to hold a protest rally at the time and place of this “invitation only” private meeting. Our protest will gain publicity, and shed light on Missoula’s story. Bring signs, we’ll have flyers to hand out to attendees.

Poster re. PWN Protest, Tuesday June 27