The Big Problems with Cal Am's Desal Project

Former Monterey Co. Supervisor Marc Del Piero taught California Water Law for twenty years at Santa Clara University School of Law. He has also been Vice Chairman of the State Water Resources Control Board, the agency which issued the Cease and Desist Order on the Carmel River. He is recognized as an expert in California groundwater rights law and the “public trust doctrine”.  He is currently a member of the California Stewardship Council for the American Farmland Trust, the largest agricultural land trust in the nation.

The Peninsula is rapidly moving into a no man's land of uncertainty and potential litigation in regard to its water supply. Cal Am's investment in infrastructure moves onward, piling up costs for ratepayers.  But Cal Am's lack of water rights looms as a litigation nightmare. Why is this a big deal? Hear what Marc has to say.  

Public Water Now’s research team will also present their findings on the science behind Cal Am’s test slant well. Slant wells have never been used anywhere in the world as an intake for a desal plant. This is an experiment at our expense. Cal Am's attempt at sub-ocean intake for its proposed desal plant should be subject to extensive testing and analysis. The test well is supposed to be a TEST, but how thorough is the testing? PWN’s research reveals that the science behind Cal Am’s test is shallow and inadequate.

What is the likely outcome of all these issues and what can we do?

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