More Outrageous and Excessive Water Rate Increases Are Headed Your Way!!!

Are you ready for Cal Am’s 40% rate increase over the next three years, plus another  60% increase for the cost of desal!

Please show up and take your 3 minutes to let the CPUC know this is UNACCEPTABLE!

CPUC Public Participation Hearing on 
Cal Am’s Water Supply Project
Thursday, September 1st, 2pm
Carpenter Hall in Sunset Center, Carmel

It’s time to make it clear to the California Public Utilities Commission that its protection of Cal Am’s revenue is excessive, unjustified, and wrong. Ratepayers and their conservation efforts are being penalized to insure Cal Am’s profits. Residential ratepayers bear the largest burden because of the extreme tiered rate structure. Cal Am is a showcase for investor profit, and the CPUC is complicit.

Object! Protest! Demand CPUC fairness! 
We need your voice!