Campaign to Stop Cal Am's Desal

Adam Scow and Melodie Chrislock will lay out PWN’s plan to stop Cal Am’s Desal. We need six votes at the Coastal Commission to do that. Come and find out how we plan to get them.... and how YOU can help make this happen.

Introducing Adam Scow

PWN has hired Adam Scow as our senior strategist in our campaign to stop Cal Am’s desal at the Coastal Commission.

Adam is a passionate and successful organizer fighting for the public interest. He has recently moved to Watsonville and is excited to help us win this fight. He is a seasoned campaign director and public advocate, specializing in environmental issues.

As many of you know, Adam was the California Director of Food & Water Watch where he oversaw successful local and legislative campaigns to promote clean energy and protect California's water as a public resource.

He has recently been a Senior Consumer Advocate for Consumer Watchdog, a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an effective voice for taxpayers and consumers in an era when special interests dominate public discourse, government and politics.

Adam has worked for the past decade on the Central Coast and has been a key leader in winning major environmental victories in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties.  In 2016 Adam helped pass Measure Z, making Monterey County the 1st major oil-producing county in the nation to ban fracking despite record spending by the oil industry. In 2018 he assisted with the passage of Monterey Peninsula's Measure J  to support public ownership of the water system; in 2012 he assisted with the passage of Measure P in the City of Santa Cruz to empower the public to vote on whether to build a desalination plant. In 2010 Adam helped pass legislation to establish the human right to water in California to create a path for the 1 million Californians who lack clean water.

Adam has also been a regular contributor to major media publications as an often cited expert and op ed author.

Please join us,

Melodie Chrislock
PWN Managing Director