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PWN FACTS vs. CAL AM FICTION - Cal Am’s recent claims are meant to scare and confuse you. They are desperate to stop our community from passing Measure J and getting the facts on the feasibility public ownership. We’ve identified seven of Cal Am’s claims that are simply untrue. Don’t be fooled. GET THE FACTS... Continue reading

Mayor's Big Secret

Here is where the content on this subject will go, andthen I’ll repeat it just to fill up space and then well,maybe a story, but I will make it a short one becausepeople’s attention span is short and it looks like we are finally running out of space. Continue reading

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Membership with PWN will keep you informed and current as new developments emerge. PWN volunteers do research, write reports, speak at public meetings, inform the public of Cal Am actions, keep social media active and current, and represent ratepayer issues at CPUC and other public agencies. Continue reading