Using Bond Financing to Buy Cal Am

Roy Nelson, Bond Consultant with Wulff, Hansen & Co.

At some point, buying Cal Am’s assets will require bond financing. The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District has the authority to finance the purchase with a municipal bond. Roy Nelson will discuss how public bonds work, and what to expect with the process. What are the pre-conditions for a successful issuance? How important are credit ratings? What does a bond consultant need to know going in? What triggers caution? This will be a fascinating discussion.  

Roy Nelson has over 26 years of municipal financing experience. He is responsible for financing over $3 billion, including certificates of participation, assessment, and revenue bonds.  His clients have included the State of California, cities, counties, districts, universities and nonprofits. He serves on an industry advisory group for the Cal-Mortgage Loan Guarantee Program of the State of California. He received a Masters from the University of Southern California, and a B.A. from Pepperdine University.

Founded in 1931, Wulff, Hansen & Co. is one of the oldest full service investment banking and securities firms in California. They are based in San Francisco and serve a broad spectrum of investors and bond issuers. The company is employee-owned.   

NOTE: This time we’ve scheduled two sessions - one at 1:30 pm and one at 7:00 pm - 
so that more people will have the opportunity to attend. 

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