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Click "Read More" below for critical information on the most important water issues we face on the Monterey Peninsula. As your local water watchdog, we are constantly researching local water developments in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of their impact on our community. Please contact us with any information that will help advance our efforts.

The most expensive water in the country... brought to you by Cal Am!
This week Food & Water Watch announced their 2017 update of the Top Ten Most Expensive Water Providers in the Country. The Monterey Peninsula now ranks #1. Cal Am has given us the most expensive water in the United States! The annual cost to Peninsula consumers for 60,000 gallons is $1,202. Read more

How Cal Am's income is spent?
Cal Am collected $60,000,000 from Peninsula customers in 2016.  Here is a summary of where that money went and how it would be spent under local public ownership... Read more

Towns sell their public water systems - and come to regret it
LAKE STATION, Ind. — This hard-luck town just south of Chicago is weighing a decision confronting many small and midsize cities with shrinking populations and chronic budget deficits: whether to sell the public water system to a for-profit corporation. Read more

The next crisis for California will be the affordability of water
The price of almost everything is on the rise, but we tend to shrug off inflation in goods and services we can cut back or do without. Not water, the rising cost of which is looming as a defining economic problem in coming yearsRead more

It's time for Cal Am to pack up its profits and close up shop
Public effort should be favored this time. Read more

Cal Am water bills to rise as much as 79 percent by March; more increases pending
Water service is about to get a whole lot more expensive on the Monterey Peninsula. Read more 

Public agency best alternative to Cal Am
Ratepayers, let’s make this plain and simple: Cal Am has got to go and public water has to replace it. Read more

Pure Water Monterey recycled water project hailed at groundbreaking, challenges remain
Lauded as a model for regional collaboration and innovation, and even the “wave of the future” for the rest of California, the Pure Water Monterey recycled water project was universally praised... Read more 

New public takeover bid takes aim at Cal Am, expects to go on ballot in 2018
If all goes according to plan, Monterey Peninsula residents could get a second chance to approve a public takeover of California American Water’s local operation. Read more