Felton Speaks Out

Felton Flow members: Barbara Sprenger, Ken Meshke,  Alexis Krostue and Jim Mosher
Felton Flow was the citizens' group who ran the campaign to take Felton’s water back from Cal Am. In 2008, they succeeded in buying back their water and became part of the publicly owned San Lorenzo Valley Water District. Hear why Felton wanted publicly owned water instead of Cal Am and how they achieved it. 

Cal Am claims Felton made a big mistake and that they pay much more for water now. What’s the truth? Felton residents tell a story of community pride, local organizing, success and much lower water costs. Find out where Felton stands now 10 years after they went public with their water.

Felton Won. Cal Am Lost.

For tiny Felton this was a David v. Goliath battle. They have less than 1400 connections compared to our 40,000 connections. Cal Am and American Water are huge corporations with deep pockets. How did they do it?


Will you come?