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  • PWN Town Hall

    How Missoula Took Their Water Public
    Mayor John Engen and Team
    Monday, September 24th, 7pm
    MIIS, Irvine Auditorium
    499 Pierce St., Monterey

    Hear the empowering story of how a courageous group of citizens in a small town in Montana beat BIG Water and achieved public ownership.

    Missoula, Montana is home to 71,000 people. In 2015, the City of Missoula was able to buy back their water system from corporate giant, the Carlyle Group. Our guests from Missoula will tell us their story, how the issue emerged, and how they successfully exercised the power of eminent domain to buy their water system.

    This has huge relevance for the path toward public water on the Monterey Peninsula. The corporate scare tactics they faced were similar to Cal Am’s: You can’t afford to buy us, we’re too costly. But Missoula has experienced the dynamic of challenging a huge international corporation—The Carlyle Group—and winning!

    Speakers will be Missoula’s Mayor and the attorneys who worked on the acquisition. This is the winning legal team who defeated American Water’s team led by Joe Connor. American Water is Cal Am's parent company.

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    September 24, 2018 at 7pm
    MIIS, Irvine Auditorium
    499 Pierce St
    Monterey, CA 93940
    United States
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    Our water situation on the Monterey Peninsula continues to be unresolved and costly. We now have the most expensive water in the country according to Food & Water Watch and water bills continue to rise! Many people have seen their bills double or triple since Cal Am revised its rate structure and pricing in March 2017.

    We need new water sources in order to stop over pumping the Carmel River. Cal Am was ordered to stop illegally over pumping the river 22 years ago, but they have not done so. Their desal plant is still years away, if it can be built at all.

    PWN advocates public ownership of our water supply system. Private for-profit water systems, like Cal Am, raise the cost of our water and take decisions out of our hands. 

    On November 6th, voters will have the chance to pass Measure J which asks voters if the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) should pursue a public buyout of Cal Am’s Monterey Peninsula system. If Measure J is passed by the voters, MPWMD must do a feasibility study within 9 months and if it is found feasible and in the public interest, they must proceed to purchase Cal Am’s local assets.

    Today 87% of U.S. consumers get their water from publicly owned systems for good reason. On average, the cost for privately owned water runs 59% higher than publicly owned water across the country. To put the actual cost of our water in perspective, the average cost of publicly owned water across the country is $315 a year for 60,000 gallons, while the average cost of privately owned water is $500 a year. But here on the Peninsula our cost is now $1202 a year!

    The number of those in our community favoring public ownership is growing quickly as people begin to understand the benefits. 
    PWN volunteers educate the public in many ways. If you’d like to help, have a look at the ways you can volunteer here.

    Signing up will keep you informed and current as new developments emerge.

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