Campaign to Stop Cal Am Desal
Begins NOW!

By Melodie Chrislock

It’s clear. We don’t need Cal Am’s Desal. It’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for the climate and it costs us $1.2 billion. It would drive up the cost of a buyout and is projected to double our water bills. On top of all that… it’s water that we won’t need for 200 years! 

There’s a better solution to our water supply problems. This new Water Management District Supply and Demand Report shows that the alternative Pure Water Monterey Expansion would give us enough water to meet the Peninsula’s growth demand for 40 to 50 years, even at twice the historic average of the past 20 years.

No one benefits from Cal Am’s Desal except Cal Am shareholders. This desal plant would cost us $1.2 billion over 30 years, compared to the Pure Water Monterey Expansion at $190 million over 30 years. This project is the iconic “Billion Dollar Boondoggle.” 

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) is the last chance for the public to have a say in this. On November 14, the CCC will meet in Half Moon Bay to vote on whether to permit Cal Am’s Desal or not.

The Coastal Commission must consider feasible alternatives that are less environmentally damaging. They are currently looking at the alternative of the Pure Water Monterey Expansion. The staff report and recommendation will go public in early November, a couple of weeks before the Commission votes on this.

From now until November 14, PWN will focus on comparing Cal Am's Desal with the Pure Water Monterey Expansion, making it clear which project is in the public interest and why.  This article makes it clear which project is in the public interest and why.

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Introducing Adam Scow, PWN Senior Strategist
PWN has hired Adam Scow as our senior strategist in our campaign to stop Cal Am’s Desal. Adam is a passionate and successful organizer fighting for the public interest. He is excited to help us win this fight. He is a seasoned campaign director and public advocate, specializing in environmental issues.

As many of you know, Adam was the California Director of Food & Water Watch where he oversaw successful campaigns to promote clean energy and protect California's water as a public resource.

Write a Letter to the Coastal Commission
Most of the Commissioners do not take meetings, but letters sent to CalAmMonterey@coastal.ca.gov will be delivered to all 12 Commissioners and staff. Writing a letter is the most important thing you can do, right now, to stop this desal and lower the cost of the buyout.

Let the Coastal Commissioners know we don’t need this desal plant and that the Pure Water Monterey Expansion is the better alternative, both environmentally and economically. Check out the Comparison Chart for points you can make in you letter.

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