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The State of Our Watershed

David Stoldt, General Manager & Larry Hampson, District Engineer
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
Monday, February 13th, 7:00 pm
Unitarian Universalist Church
490 Aquajito Rd, Carmel (Aquajito at Hwy 1 and 68)

After the drought, the fire and the flooding, what is the condition of our watershed? How is the Carmel River doing now? What’s the condition of the Los Padres Dam? Is there sea water intrusion in the Seaside Groundwater Basin? How productive is the Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project (ASR) this year with all the winter runoff?

​What do our conservation trends look like heading into the future? How will the Water Management District function in the role of a Sustainable Groundwater Management Agency (SGMA)? Will it cost the ratepayers more? How are ratepayers affected by your agency’s collection of fees on both property taxes and on our water bills?

What is the status of your water supply projects including Deep Water Desal and Pure Water Monterey? Are there future options for low cost water supplies?

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